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King's Garden Banquet Hall

    It's located on the first floor of Lingyun Pavilion offering Cantonese and Chaoshan cuisine. It has 4 separated rooms, (including 2 big VIP rooms) and a banquet Hall (it can be separated into small halls by movable partition board) that can hold 500 people with 40-50 tables. There is also a movable stage on which performances and wedding ceremony can be held. The Banquet reservation is on the first floor of Zhanhong Pavilion.

Representativc dishes:

Double-boiled shark's fin soup speciality, Double-boiled shark's Fin soup, Baked abalone with oyster oil, Braised cuttlefish ancient style, Fried abalone with Taro, Baked gooses web with abalone juice.

       Braised cutlefish ancient style                Fried abalone with Taro
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Address101,Yuehua Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China

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