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Vice Precident, Hu Jin Tao stayed at the hotel on June 19th,taking pictures with the staff of the hotel.

Wu WenAn, the secretary-general of Peace and Development Committee of Myanmar,
stayed at our hotel on June 19th.

On July 6th, The Cooperate Memorandum Signing Ceremony was held in Mandarin By Int'l Meeting Exhibition Center and Intel Architecture Development Co., Ltd

Meeting Packages

8hours meeting package


24hours meeting package

Period:July 1st.-Dec.31rd,1999

*Special Toasted Food
*All Kinds of  Seafood 
* Baked Pork Chop with
Black Pepper

*Fried Codfish
with Misoshiru 

All kinds of Fruits

RMB 98
(plus 15% Service Charge)

Preiod: Aug. 16th.-Sep.15th
Add: Lobby of Tianfeng Building